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'Erased By The Dark'
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HOLY GRAIL, ANCIENT VVISDOM, SKELETONWITCH, DEW-SCENTED And More Featured On Prosthetic Records Winter Sampler; Download Available

Hot Flashes

Posted on Friday, December 07, 2012 at 15:22:18 EST

Prosthetic Records has released a 14-track digital sampler exclusively on the label's Facebook page. Once you "like" the page, you'll be able to download tracks by the likes of SKELETONWITCH, MUTILATION RITES, PRIMITIVE WEAPONS and JUNIUS, along with songs from recent and upcoming new releases by HOLY GRAIL, ANCIENT VVISDOM, CASTLE, and several more.

If you like what you hear, head to and pick up some merch during the Holiday sale. Everything in the webstore (including pre-orders) is currently 10% off until December 7th! Just enter code 'BF2012' at checkout.

Prosthetic Records Winter Sampler tracklisting:

HOLY GRAIL - 'Dark Passenger' (Ride The Void)* out 1/22/13
ANCIENT VVISDOM - 'Deathlike' (Deathlike)* out 2/5/13
CASTLE - 'Corpse Candles' (Blacklands)
ZODIAC - 'A Bit Of Devil' (A Bit Of Devil)
SKELETONWITCH - 'This Horrifying Force (The Desire To Kill)' (Forever Abomination)
MUTILATION RITES - 'Fogwarning' (Empyrean)
AMBASSADOR GUN - 'Wounded Knee' (Golden Eagle)
BLACK SEPTEMBER - 'Rabid Hunger' (Into The Darkness Into The Void)
HOUR OF PENANCE - 'Enlightened Submission' (Sedition)
DEW-SCENTED - 'Sworn To Obey' (Icarus)
PRIMITIVE WEAPONS - 'Quitter's Anthem' (The Shadow Gallery)
JUNIUS - 'All Shall Float' (Reports From The Threshold Of Death)
HEAVEN'S CRY - 'Compass' (Wheels of Impermanence)
FELIX MARTIN - 'The Triangle Tune' (Live In Boston)

Get your sampler now at this location.