ITANI - Fan-Filmed Video From Tokyo Featuring UNITED Guitarist Singo Otani Online

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Posted on Tuesday, December 04, 2012 at 02:04:38 EST

Japanese rock fusion guitarist Nozomi Itani played the Live House Silver Elephant in Tokyo on November 27th in support of his new ITANI album, Station To Station. Singo Otani, the guitarist for Japanese thrashers UNITED made a guest appearance during the set for the track 'Psycho-Logical', whicj he originally performed for the album. Fan-filmed video is available below:

Station To Station also features a guest appearance by MADMEN & SINNERS fretless guitarist Tim Donahue on the tracks 'Leather Jacket' and 'Critical Limit'. The album is available via here.

Itani recently spoke with BW&BK's Carl Begai about Donahue's involvement:

"Several years ago, I met Tim during a jam session. Tim and I are in the same age, and we have much in common. We are good friends for a long time now. We did few duo gigs in Japan with my guitar and his self-produced electric harp guitar. When I started to work for my new album Station To Station, I asked him to join my record with his fretless guitar. Although he rarely plays his fretless guitar in the past years, he agreed to rock again for my record. His performance on my album is outstanding and brilliant. I'm proud to have him on my record."

Stay tuned for more from Itani in the coming weeks. For information on Itani go to this location.