CRASHDÏET – New DVD To Be Released

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Posted on Wednesday, November 07, 2012 at 20:33:44 EST

CRASHDÏET’s new DVD entitled Shattered Glass And Broken Bones – Three Years Of Generation Wild will be released December 4th.

The DVD features three hours of live and behind the scenes film put together by the band and together with Bear Productions.

A trailer for the DVD can be seen below:

Tracklisting for the DVD is as follows:

‘Down With The Dust’ (Live)
‘The Splits’
‘Native Nature’ (Live)
‘Queen Obscene’ (Live)
‘First Taste Of Despair’
‘Time To Record’
‘Armageddon’ (Live)
‘A Change Of Plans
‘So Alive’ (Live)
‘Generation Wild’ (Music Video)
‘Rebel’ (Live)
Album Release
‘Save Her’ (Live)
Random Madness I
‘Riot In Everyone
Random Madness II
‘Chemical’ (Live)
Random Madness III
‘Breakin’ The Chains’ (Live)
Random Madness IV
‘It’s A Miracle’ (Live)
Random Madness V
‘In The Raw’ (Live)
Random Madness VI
‘Generation Wild’ (Live)

‘Breakin’ The Chainz’
‘Queen Obscene’
‘Down With The Dust’
‘So Alive’
‘It’s A Miracle’
‘Native Nature’
‘Bound To Fall’
‘Beautiful Pain’

‘Anarchy’ (Live)
'Rebel’ (Live)
‘Down With The Dust’ (Music Video)
‘Hollywood Teaze’ (Music Video)

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