MOONSORROW Comment On Songwriting And Side Project In New Interview

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Posted on Saturday, October 13, 2012 at 05:02:04 EST

Denmark's Power Of Metal recently caught up with Ville Sorvali and Mitja Harvilahti of Finnish epic folk metal veterans MOONSORROW. An excerpt from the interview is available below:

PoM: It must be difficult to create lengthy, functional pieces of art. What the Hell possesses a person when that happens? How do you do it?

Ville: "I would say that in the case of this band, it would be even more difficult to try to make short songs, if that makes sense. We are just somehow driven to do that in what we are doing."

Mitja: "When you start writing epics like this, you learn how to work with the structures, how to build up the tension and stuff. We started making longer and longer and more complex songs until the point that we already made an album with two songs, and then we had to go back a little bit. I think we had found our formula and the form that our music is and will be. It will always be pretty much long songs. We can move from shorter to longer, which ever way we want, but making a 6 minute Moonsorrow song, it doesn't seem like it's happening very fast."

Ville: "I wouldn't say that we have any sort of time limit. For example, if we for some weird reason came up with a three minute song that could really fix the concept of Moonsorrow, then we would use it, of course. I would compare the music to the story, even the song in itself, even without the lyrics, it's a story. If you have a book that has 300 pages, you don't stop reading after you've read 60 pages, the story isn't finished yet (laughs) It doesn't make any sense to me."

PoM: As a little sidetrack, what are the future plans for LAKUPAAVI (side project of Moonsorrow) Could you give us an update?

Mitja: "Well, the update has been the same since we recorded. I have... I'd say 20 songs that are brilliant. But we can't release them right now."

Ville: "I also have a few. One of them is a blues song, actually. We will record them when the time is right. We just have to feel like it. It's like, 'Oh we're going to do it,' and then we go to the studio or whatever."

Mitja: "Actually we're not even allowed to have it done because there's a record contract which says that only two members of the band can be in the same (other) band."

Ville: "Oh, yeah, yeah. I don't think they would mind (laughs)."

Mitja: "Maybe they won't, let's not tell them (laughs)."

Go to this location for the complete interview.

Moonsorrow is one of the acts confirmed for the fourth edition of the Aurora Infernalis Festival is scheduled for October 26th - 27th in Arnhem, Netherlands. The festival will be held in two different venues. On Friday at Willemeen, Arnhem and on Saturday at Luxor Live, Arnhem.

The festival line-up is as follows:


Saturday, October 27th - PRIMORDIAL, AURA NOIR, MOONSORROW, TULUS, FEN, THULCANDRA. Aftershow: A Blaze In The Northern Sky Tribute.

More details at this location.