KEMILON - New Album Streaming In Its Entirety

Hot Flashes

Posted on Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 17:02:38 EST

Montreal-based power metallers KEMILON are streaming their full album, Twisted Storm online, minus the album intro ‘Beyond Frontiers’. The ten-track opus was released by Maple Metal Records worldwide in April. Check it out at this location.

Kemilon are a sextet from Montreal, QC, Canada formed in 2008 by guitar players Chris Geoffroy and Louis Jacques.

With the recent announcement of guitarist Louis Jacques replacing Kim Gosselin in the Montreal epic metal band BLACKGUARD, the guys in Kemilon address this issue, commenting “We're very happy for him! It is a great opportunity and will be a valuable experience for him!”

Louis will continue to fulfil his obligations with Kemilon, and he will share the guitar duties for both bands.

Kemilon do have a majority of their next album already written, and they will continue to mix the shredding solo duties between Louis, Chris and keyboardist Arnaud.