New QUEENSRŸCHE Line-up Makes Official Live Debut At Minnesota's Halfway Jam; Video, Photos Available

Hot Flashes

Posted on Monday, July 30, 2012 at 08:01:43 EST

QUEENSRŸCHE new line-up featuring vocalist Todd La Torre of CRIMSON GLORY made its official live debut as the headliner of the last day of this year's Halfway Jam, which took place July 26th-28th in Royalton, Minnesota.

The band's setlist was as follows:
'Queen Of The Reich'
'Neue Regel'
'Walk In The Shadows'
'En Force'
'I Don't Believe In Love'
'Child Of Fire'
'The Whisper'
'Spreading The Disease'
'The Needle Lies'
'Take Hold Of The Flame'
'My Empty Room'
'Eyes Of A Stranger'

'Wrathchild' (IRON MAIDEN cover)
'Jet City Woman'
'Roads To Madness'

Check out more photos at this location.

Video footage of Queensrÿche's performance can be seen below: