CEREMONIUM Collection Released; Founder Thomas Pioli Focuses On THEVETAT

Hot Flashes

Posted on Monday, May 14, 2012 at 14:55:52 EST

US doom/death metal veterans CEREMONIUM have released the double discography CD titled Dreams We Have Written via Weird Truth Productions. The collection includes both out of print albums - Into the Autumn Shade and No Longer Silent - as well as their rare demos, and EPs spanning an eleven year career. The cover artwork was designed by Peter Sallai and can be viewed below:

"It was a long process getting the material for this release and setbacks were inevitable," says founding guitarist Thomas Pioli. "It was important to have the vision created properly and Weird Truth Productions is doing a fantastic representation. I feel this is an appropriate closure to Ceremonium's existence."

In related news, Thomas Pioli is active now in classic death metallers THEVETAT. A three-song demo will be released by Dark Descent/Destro Records. A rough track is featured on the band's Facebook page.

"Open My Eyes"
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