PERIPHERY - Juggernaut Details Leaked

Hot Flashes

Posted on Thursday, July 28, 2011 at 21:01:36 EST

PERIPHERY guitarist Jake Bowen spoke to EspyRock at Sonisphere, and without going into too much detail, he gave away some details about the concept to their new studio album Juggernaut.

Bowen almost spilled the beans on the story that fellow guitarist Misha Mansoor has written as the concept for their new album Juggernaut. When asked him if he would go into any details about the record he stated, “It’s a cool story and the way he has it all mapped out and the way he is working with Spencer [Sotelo] is just going to be really cool. It covers a lot of interesting topics and if anyone knows about the lyrical content of ‘Jetpacks Was Yes!’ which was a song off our first album [Periphery], then it has to do with that.”

The lyrical content of ‘Jetpacks Was Yes!’ was based around an immortal being who starts to regret his immortality as he outlives everything and everyone, starting with his loved ones and ending with the planet and even the universe itself as his life was not bound by anything.

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