MEGADETH, TESTAMENT, EXODUS Thrash Pennsylvania; Photos Available

Hot Flashes

Posted on Saturday, March 20, 2010 at 17:42:57 EST

Slamming Scranton, Pennsylvania on March 18th with three setlists of nothing but their classic material; MEGADETH are currently out performing their legendary Rust In Peace album start to finish, TESTAMENT doing the same playing their debut The Legacy and EXODUS offering a mixed bag from their first three albums. The band's setlists were as follows:

Megadeth: 'Skin O' My Teeth', 'In My Darkest Hour', 'She-Wolf', 'Holy Wars...The Punishment Due', 'Hangar 18', 'Take No Prisoners', 'Five Magics', 'Poison Was The Cure', 'Lucretia', 'Tornado Of Souls', 'Dawn Patrol', 'Rust In Peace...Polaris', 'Headcrusher', 'Trust', 'Symphony Of Destruction', 'Peace Sells'.

Testament: 'Over The Wall', 'The Haunting', 'Burnt Offerings', 'Raging Waters', 'C.O.T.L.O.D.', 'First Strike Is Deadly', 'Do Or Die',
'Alone In The Dark', 'Apocalyptic City'.

Exodus: 'Bonded By Blood', 'The Last Act Of Defiance', 'Fabulous Disaster', 'Brain Dead', 'Piranha', 'A Lesson In Violence',
'The Toxic Waltz', 'Strike Of The Beast'.

A Photo Gallery courtesy of Rich Catino from can be found here.