NEWS Presents Brave Picks Top 30 Of 2009 ... #11 Revealed!

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Posted on Sunday, December 20, 2009 at 11:29:54 EST

The Brave Picks Top 30 Of 2009 countdown continues! Each day in December we will deliver one of the essential records of the year - as voted by the scribes here at We are getting closer to the Top Ten!

Double-bass drum roll please ....

#11 - SACRIFICE – The Ones I Condemn (Sonic Unyon)


Legendary Canuck thrashers SACRIFICE reformed and returned with a vengeance, delivering their first new album in more than fifteen years.'s President/CEO "Metal" Tim Henderson stated in his review: "We've seen too many reunions go sour and the Canuck legends certainly didn't want to be added to that disappointing list. But Sacrifice haven't lost touch with their roots and have paid attention to the scene around them unlike many of their contemporaries. The title track sees Urbinati spitting blood and venom, his attacking vocal style was and is such a band trademark. 'Tetragrammaton' is a monolith of sound and scope, seeing the boys push limits that most extreme acts wouldn't dare. Whereas 'Give Me Justice' has that classic Testament-feel, 'Atrocity' and 'The Devil's Martyr' (featuring Dave Hewson of SLAUGHTER, STRAPPADO fame) are pit-friendly snippets of violence. Seven-minute plus closer 'Desolation Alive' is epic extremity, the band creating a prog-thrash mix of deathly valleys and serenity, ala Chuck Schuldiner."

Read the entire review here.

Sacrifice - The Ones I Condemn - Brave Picks Top 30 Of 2009

#30 - DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT - Addicted (InsideOut)
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#21 - ASPHYX - Death... The Brutal Way (Century Media)
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#19 - VADER – Necropolis (Nuclear Blast)
#18 - CHICKENFOOT – Chickenfoot (Redline)
#17 - BRUTAL TRUTH - Evolution Through Revolution (Relapse)
#16 - CANNIBAL CORPSE – Evisceration Plague (Metal Blade)
#15 - MASTODON - Crack The Skye (Warner)
#14 - PORCUPINE TREE – The Incident (Roadrunner)
#13 - CANDLEMASS - Death Magic Doom (Nuclear Blast)
#12 - AMORPHIS – Skyforger (Nuclear Blast)
#11 - SACRIFICE – The Ones I Condemn (Sonic Unyon)