KnuckleTracks #84

1) THE HAUNTED - '99' 3:58; from rEVOLVEr (Century Media)
The Haunted have snatched back the sing er from the band's legendary debut, Peter Dolving and all this thrash madness once again. On tour forever, look for The Haunted to break big with this superlative batch of combative anthems, a collection that balances the old school with maturity and modernity. or

2) MNEMIC - 'Death Box' 4:32; from The Audio Injected Soul (Nuclear Blast)
For a blast of sheer audio insanity, housed in progressive production plushness capturing the sound of steel on steel, look no further than the new opus from the well-regarded Mnemic (and see story this issue). The glint of metal's future is inherent in this band's pioneering unexpectedness. Expect to be impressed. or

3) TORN WITHIN - 'King Of The Ants' 3:30; from Allied With Bitterness (Galy)
Torn Within feature two members from the daunting, well-respected Neuraxis, and the sound they have come up with is a hypnotic yet lethal combination of melodic thrash and death with blackish overtones, both in vocal and overall emotion. Fans of Death will find infinite intrigue. Contact:,,, 514-769-6137, 5100 De Verdun, POB 28544, Verdun QC Canada H4G 3L7

4) CATARACT - 'Saving Shelter' 2:38; from With Triumph Comes Loss (Metal Blade)
Finding a variety of stellar riffs at many speeds (all handled more than capably), Swiss hardcore metalists Cataract level the place through sheer attitude alone. Tue Madsen's white-hot production acumen completes the high voltage circuit. or

5) BURY YOUR DEAD - 'Magnolia' 2:49; from Cover Your Tracks (Victory)
A big part of the New England hardcore scene, Bury Your Dead inject just the right amount of metal to wallop you upside the head. The band's debut for Victory is a highly anticipated kick to the fall metal season, and the band will emphasize its release with their usual crushing live show. or

6) BURIED INSIDE - 'Time As Ideology' 3:14; from Chronoclast (Relapse)
This Ottawa, Ontario band experience their first international release with Chronoclast. The band's post-aural sound has been described as akin to mid-period Neurosis meets mid-period Isis with expansive dynamics and orchestration. Whatever you call it, it is stultifyingly epic. or

7) SHADOWS FALL - 'What Drives The Weak' 4:43; from The War Within (Century Media)
Already seen as burners at the front edge of The New Wave Of American Heavy Metal, Shadows Fall have created a masterpiece of metalcore might, The War Within exuding personality amidst locked-down production values and riffs that are exacting, highly memorable and quick like lightning. or

8) LILITU - 'Follow Through' 6:21; from The Delores Lesion (The End)
Mastery in progressive thrash is not something you would expect from Atlanta, Georgia, but perhaps it is splendid isolation from the scene that has resulted in this masterpiece of triumphant metal exploration. Lilitu create vistas well beyond the limitations of the metalcore, finding an elegance of extremity that is worthy of impending star status. or or

9) THE JELLY JAM - 'Not Today' 3:21; from 2 (InsideOut Music)
The Jelly Jam's debut has been heralded as a minor classic, perhaps the best King's X side-project or indeed the best Dream Theater side-project. In any event, Ty Tabor, John Myung and Rod Morgenstein are back with a swirling, rhythmic, jammy, melodic batch of tunes indicative of their top end rock pedigree. Contact: or or

10) RANDY ELLEFSON - 'Weekend Warrior' 4:55; from The Firebard (Guitarosity Records)
Buoyant, melodic, and fresh with vitality, Randy Ellefson's playing is an inspiration all over this intimate, personable yet rocking instrumental album. Playing since age 13, Ellefson is classically trained and well equipped to soar with this debut album. Contact: POB 83992, Gaithersburg, MD 20883, or

11) SIN DEALER - 'Overdosed' 4:26; from Sin Dealer EP (Sin Dealer)
Toronto stoner rock messiah Eric Kuthe is back with a new band that builds on the man's international reputation for loose 'n' liquid, grinding 'n' groovy stoner rock with textures few outside of his cabal get right. The new six song EP is available now. Contact or

12) AUGURY - 'Beatus' 4:03; from Concealed (Galy)
Somewhat of a Quebec-axised supergroup, Augury have announced the release of their highly anticipated Concealed album. A symphony of technical death and blackness, the band utilizes a number of vocal approaches, including breathless operatics from Arianne Fleury. Contact:,,, 514-769-6137, 5100 De Verdun, POB 28544, Verdun QC Canada H4G 3L7

13) AGATHODAIMON - 'Serpent's Embrace' 4:17; from Serpents Embrace (Nuclear Blast)
Futuristic, provocative, ruthlessly professional and genre-straddling, Agathodaimon is back with a third record of steel-surfaced black gothness that solidifies the band's status as top flight purveyors of extreme textures and tastes. or

14) CALIBAN - 'The Beloved And The Hatred' 3:47; from The Opposite From Within (Abacus)
In Caliban, Germany have coughed up what is widely considered the leading light of the European metalcore community, and the band's new album should have no problem giving Shadows Fall a run for their money. Eminently crushing, brutally performed and recorded, The Opposite Within is an impressive balance of extremity and melody. or or

15) DEMONOID - 'Wargods' 5:50; from Riders Of The Apocalypse (Nuclear Blast)
More than intriguing, what you get here is three quarters of Therion plus a Soilwork drummer. Quite a deal eh? And what they've come up with is dark, doomy death and a top-flight literary concept on top, with Chris barking malevolently like the old days. Bracingly old school but... slick.

16) AMORPHIS - 'Evil Inside' 3:57; from Far From The Sun (Nuclear Blast)
And now, the long-awaited North American issue of Amorphis latest album is upon us, in elegant card oversleeve, with no less than five bonus tracks. Come celebrate Finland's finest band, as they create sublime alloys of doom sophistication. or

17) IMPIOUS - 'Wicked Saints' 2:41; from Hellucinate (Metal Blade)
Celebrating ten years polluting the planet, Swedish death metal thrash mavens Impious return with an album that is all grievous body blows dealt at merciless paces. The production is the crowning best of the band's career, with a guitar sound that is downright lethal. or

18) INCANTATION - 'Decimate Christendom' 3:06; from Decimate Christendom (Olympic)
One of the top five most historically important bands death metal has ever produced, Incantation return with a record blasphemed with their signature sound, pure, lacerating death cloaked in a uniquely American doom. Come witness old pros triumphant in defending their heap. or or


DISMEMBER - 'Misanthropic' 2:30; from Live Blasphemies (Escapi)
Dismember have emerged as the looming father figures of virulent, uncompromising Swedish death metal. On this quality video, you'll see why their front-runner status is ensured, especially given the gorgeous heaviness of their latest studio album. This 2DVD set includes rare pictures, live from Stockholm '03, plus footage from their first show ever!