KnuckleTracks #79

1) EXODUS - 'War Is My Shepherd' 4:27; from Tempo Of The Damned (Nuclear Blast)
One of thrash's most legendary acts is back with a cutting, slicing collection of beyond professional thrash vignettes. Andy Sneap produces, and the results will fry your brain. Bay Area never shook so hard, what with sterling albums by both Exodus and Death Angel on yer plate. or

2) DEVILINSIDE - 'Loaded' 2:29; from Prelude EP (Abacus)
Devilinside are an extremely hard-armoured metalcore act from Minneapolis. Their sound comes equipped with one of the most crushing guitar sound laid to plastic, propelling insanely stomping grooves that betray their past as embittered veterans risen from the ashes of Disembodied. or or

3) SOULFLY - 'Prophecy' 3:35; from Prophecy (Roadrunner)
Max is knocking them dead with his new visionary piece of heavy Sepultura-steeped world metal madness. Prophecy is perhaps the best received Soulfly album since the debut, and it is metal straight up, with a few engaging surprises of course, one of which is the presence of Dave Ellefson on bass. or

4) ZEKE - 'Dolphenwulf' 2:06; from 'Til The Livin' End (Relapse)
Zeke bring to the table more than ten years of supercharged stonerized punk rock riff-mad metal retro rock Motorheaded burnt out Clutch grunge. Hell, even Rolling Stone likes these power-crazy drinking man's rockers, and the band's newest is wondrous electricity unbridled. or

5) FLESHCRAWL - 'Damned In Fire' 2:38; from Made Of Flesh (Metal Blade)
Germany have themselves what is likely the coolest Sunlight sound/Entombed-grounded old (northern) school death metal act on the planet, and it's name is Fleshcrawl. Made In Flesh is clear of purpose, and clearly gutted, drawn and quartered. Come see how the pros do it. or

6) PSIONIC - 'Nu-Tech Cyber Sorcery' 3:11; from Nu-Tech Cyber Sorcery (Psionic)
California's Psionic was formed from the ashes of Electrance and Shadow Academy. Their sound can be described as a futuristic cyber brand of metal, drums, electronics and major riffs coalescing into a sound many attempt but few can pull off. These guys can, as witnessed on their new seven track CD. Contact: POB 893221, Temecula CA 92589-3221 or or

7) DIVINITY DESTROYED - 'Sweet Heresy' 3:57; from Eden In Ashes (Divinity Destroyed)
New Jersey's Divinity Destroyed have taken the exotic textures of Borknagar and Vintersorg and tainted the collision with American death and doom. The result is a swirling conundrum of future-bound metal for the discerning listener. Contact: POB 1686, Toms River NJ 08753, 732-244-8023, or

8) EVERGREY - 'Ambassador' 4:28; from The Inner Circle (InsideOut Music America)
Vaulting into the upper echelons of passionate, progressive power metal's ranks, Evergrey are on a mission to greatness. The Inner Circle is a masterpiece of arranging, lyrical direction and heavy, doomy metal proficiency. Come hear the top classic metal band of the next five years. or

9) BALANCE OF POWER - 'Chemical Imbalance' 5:14; from Heathen Machine (DCA)
BOP's excellent musicianship, extraordinary vocals and consummate songwriting on Heathen Machine have been compared to that of Queensryche's Operation: Mindcrime. The album has also won Album Of The Month in Rock Hard, and an 11/12 in Heavy Oder Was?!. Contact 268 Bush St., #3237 San Francisco CA 94104, 510-763-2848,, or

10) EYES OF FIRE - 'Hopeless' 4:33; from Ashes To Embers (Century Media)
Much-anticipated, long-awaited, Eyes Of Fire is the post-aftermath of the death of the somewhat revered Mindrot. And thankfully, the mystique of that band is burnished to a shimmer, Eyes Of Fire sounding like Tool crossed with Neurosis beat up by grind. Wicked. Beautiful. or

11) KITCHEN KNIFE CONSPIRACY - 'Entry Wound Ecstasy For The Self-Abuser' 4:53; from Worst Case In Stereo (Magic Milkshake)
Death metal doesn't begin to describe this odd bunch of audio madmen from Ohio. But if you don't believe us, check out their gory CD, which can be had from their site for only $5! Humourous, profane, and actually pretty damn groovy, the Steve Austin-produced Worst Case In Stereo will have you throwing up for hours! Contact: POB 193, Girard OH 44420 or or

12) SOULS DEMISE - 'Black Widow' 5:13; from Angels Of Darkness (
Chicago's Souls Demise have found an interesting balance of slow, doomy death metal and melody of an almost classicist nature. As well, touches of underground prog metal add to the mystique. The ideas alone on this rough EP demonstrate that this band should be signed now. Contact:, 708-535-6246 or

13) WINDS - 'The Fireworks Of Genesis' 4:17; from The Imaginary Direction Of Time (The End)
Norway's Winds have been amazing fans of music's far frontiers for two albums and four years now. And with their third record, a new and brave masterwerk is borne. Dripping with elegance, The Imaginary Direction Of Time is the new benchmark for combinations of classical, progressive, and something far more poisonous. or or

14) VEHEMENCE - 'To The Taste' 2:33; from Helping The World To See (Metal Blade)
With arcane, seductively catchy riffs and arrangements that evoke thoughts of a death band looking to shake things up, Helping The World To See is extremity digestible. Lyrically, Vehemence are a cut above as well, and add to that many, many surprises, and you've got death wholly re-jigged. or

15) VOMITORY - 'Retaliation' 2:55; from Primal Massacre (Metal Blade)
For quick yet soul-crushingly dense death metal of the highest grind quality, look no further than Swedish veterans Vomitory. Marking 15 years of deafening uncompromise, Primal Massacre bridles with integrity and old school groundedness.

16) IN FLAMES - 'In Search For I' 3:22; from Soundtrack To Your Escape (Nuclear Blast)
Sweden's In Flames have always thrown up challenges to their listeners, and indeed the whole concept of speedy yet crushing and modernistic thrash. Soundtrack To Your Escape is no exception, the band combining some of their most venomous riffs with huge shifts in dynamic. Hear the record everyone's debating in '04. or

17) MARTYR AD - 'Bring Out Your Dead' 3:49; from On Earth As It Is In Hell (Victory)
Onto record #2, Martyr AD have created a vicious speed metal feast tempered in the crucible of hardcore, death and the most manic and panicked of thrashes. Their riffs however, are superior, and the power packed into the production is awe-inspiring. Plus they got a gal playing bass! or

18) DIMENTIANON - 'Razorblade Catharsys' 3:50; from Seven Suicides (Paragon)
Dimentianon offer up an original take on surreal, extreme metal, combining death, black and doom into a violent chaotic whirwind of hate, malice, depression and scorn. Contact: POB 354, Commack NY 11725 or or


FORCE OF EVIL - 'Hell On Earth' 3:27; from Force Of Evil (Diamond)
Featuring Mercyful Fate guitar heroes Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, along with Hal Patino and Bjarne T. Holm (also from the MF/KD family) and Martin Steene from Iron Fire, Force Of Evil is a major supergroup making frightful, old school metal like a rock 'n' roll version of Mercyful Fate. It is raging and real and you should own it. Contact: P.G. Ramms Alle 66, 2000 Copenhagen F, Denmark,, or