KnuckleTracks #77

1) ALL THAT REMAINS - 'The Deepest Grey' 3:08; from This Darkened Heart (Prosthetic)
The Darkened Heart is the sophomore effort from former Shadows Fall vocalist Phil Labonte. Produced by Killswitch Engage guitarist Adam D., look for this one to blow up big. Steely pure metal riffs in collision with hardcore aggression, delivered with utmost adherence to quality. or

2) THE END - 'Dear Martyr' 3:43; from Within Dividia (Relapse)
Through Within Dividia, Canada's The End have quietly taken the reigns as the most explosive and exciting futuro-grind act on the planet. And while your jaw drags on the floor, you can play with the innovative "cubed room" CD booklet. Just get it; you'll understand. or

3) GLASS CASKET - 'Pencil Lead Syringe' 4:39; from We Are Gathered Here Today (Abacus)
Blasting out of the now infernal North Carolina scene, Glass Casket (cool name and all!), are set to be among the leaders creating intellectual-level grind for future fine minds. The math is there, but the numbers add up, given the crisp, almost sizzling production values. Balance in full collision with brains. or or

4) PREMONITIONS OF WAR - 'Mother Night Revisited' 1:20; from Left In Kowloon (Victory)
Ohio's Premonitions Of War have found a way to harness the spirit of hardcore within grind, not an easy task given the chaotic energy levels bursting in both. Seriously, this is a pentagramatic balance between a half dozen areas, characteristics necessary for making the daunting work, dauntingly working. Contact or

5) GOREROTTED - 'Masticated By The Spasticated' 3:22; from Only Tools And Corpses (Metal Blade)
Gorerotted are set to cause a sensation with their surprisingly cleanly recorded new album. But make no mistake, the band's celebrated and canny collision of goregrind and US death metal still fries the mind. But man, you can hear what's going on, and that is a victory few achieve. or or

6) DESCEND INTO NOTHINGNESS - 'Humanity's Carelessness' 3:50; from Darkened Reality (Galy)
Descend Into Nothingness are a blazing, progressive black metal act from Quebec, and their incorporation of classic metal elements has to be heard to be believed. Plus, there are slashing speed accentuations on here that are as memorable as Immortal's. Contact: or or 514-769-6137 or 5100 De Verdun, POB 28544, Verdun QC, Canada H4G 3L7

7) SYMPHORCE - 'Whatever Hate Provides' 4:30; from Twice Second (Metal Blade)
Bringing an avalanche of power into the realm of power metal, Germany's Symphorce deal a pounding package of riffs and rhythms that almost find Swedish thrash at times - Twice Second, the band's fourth, is their heaviest bar none. Indeed, it is a potent alloy and all fans of the seriously real thing should take this one to heart. or

8) FORCE OF EVIL - 'Hell On Earth' 3:27; from Force Of Evil (Escapi New Media)
Featuring Mercyful Fate guitar heroes Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, along with Hal Patino and Bjarne T. Holm (also from the MF/KD family) and Martin Steene from Iron Fire, Force Of Evil have the veteran chops to make their raw, unbridled, venomous form of classic power metal soar. Contact: Positionen 6, 115 74 Stockholm, Sweden,,, or

9) OPETH - 'Hope Leaves' 4:28; from Damnation (Koch)
Opeth have proven themselves the new hope for progressive and metal at once, with the one-two punch of the "heavy" Deliverance and the "light" Damnation establishing the band as the recording and touring act to follow in the '00s. '04 beckons and the band's legion awaits. or

10) DIMMU BORGIR - 'For The World To Dictate Our Death' 4:46; from Death Cult Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)
Dimmu's long and distinguished career trajectory has placed them firmly at the apex of the black metal realm. Where many view Cradle as stumbling, Dimmu quietly maintains and even strengthens, in terms of worldwide respect, both in the underground and above. or

11) SHINING FURY - 'Broken Hopes' 3:18; from Last Sunrise (Metal Blade)
In Italy's competitive power metal market, Shining Fury have distinguished themselves as the new band to beat. Formed in 2001, the band contains veterans of the upper echelons of Italian metal. The confidence can be heard within the grooves of these symphonic classics.

12) HAMMERFALL - 'Hearts On Fire' 4:03; from One Crimson Night (Nuclear Blast)
Hammerfall have defiantly maintained their place among the power metal elite, significantly by being among the first to address the form, and with style to spare. One Crimson Night is a remarkable double spread celebrating the glory of glory metal. or

13) SKINTILLA - 'Trust' 3:24; from Shedding Skin (Skintilla)
Cross classic Metallica and today's Testament with aggressive power metal and you pretty much get the gist of where this more than promising Australian act is going. Shedding Skin is six tracks of professional, anthemic traditional metal blessed by the vocal power of a muscleman named Darren Pretty. Pure as pure can be. Contact, or POB 69 Prospect, South Australia 5082

14) DELIAN LEAGUE - 'The Questioning' 5:16; from Day Of Question (Delian League)
New Jersey's Delian League have created an explosive mix of styles quite unaddressed in the history of the form. Look for melodic death, traditional, and even melodic grind, mixed with... even more melody, from the likes of prog and even nu. In other words, we are pleasantly perplexed, only Into Eternity coming to mind as a comparative. Contact: or

15) BLOOD OF CHRIST 'Guided By Emotions (Blinded By Deceit)' 5:42; from Breeding Chaos (Skyscraper/PHD)
Blood Of Christ have quietly worked their way up from the pits of hell to become one of Canada's most challenging and exciting dark atmospheric metal bands. Their new album is no less than shocking in its emanation of doom-laden class, in its performances, in its poisoning of optimism. Contact or or


CANDLEMASS - 'Solitude' 5:39; from Documents Of Doom (NMS Music/Navarre)
Candlemass return with a DVD stuffed with value, this essential "document" re-educating the doom watcher with respect to who really fathered the current doom battalions (after Sabbath of course). A major accomplishment from a somewhat reclusive, mysterious act. or

KRUX - 'Omfalos' 6:48; from Live (NMS Music/Navarre)
This DVD documents the only Krux live show ever! And with members from Yngwie Malmsteen's band, Entombed, Talisman, At Vance, and with sturdy leadership from none other than Candlemass' Leif Edling, this is a must-see concert video for the discriminating metalhead.