KnuckleTracks #74

1) DIMMU BORGIR - 'Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse' 5:17; from Death Cult Armageddon (Nuclear Blast)
Dimmu have long ago vaulted themselves above Cradle to perch as the wisest, craziest, most hi-fidelity and far-reaching black metal franchise on the planet. Death Cult Armageddon blows the hinges off already wide-open doom doors, with classic parts and blasting mayhem poisoning in terrible tandem. or

2) SIX FEET UNDER - 'Amerika The Brutal' 3:00; from Bringer Of Blood (Metal Blade)
Chris Barnes and his death crew have returned with further fan provocation, a record that will make them think outside the coffin, a record that will have them headbanging with an old school neck-snap until limbs go numb. The most seductive death metal ever written. or

3) E-FORCE - 'Satanic Rituals' 4:37; from Evil Forces (Season Of Mist)
Eric Forest from Voivod is back and thrashing hard and dare we say, Voivodian. Evil Forces sounds like Destruction shot up with Canadian obtuseness. A panorama of slashing intelligence with fulminating moods a' plenty. or or

4) MNEMIC - 'Mechanical Spin Phenomena' 4:58; from Mechanical Spin Phenomena (Nuclear Blast)
With a sonic whirlwind that has to be heard to be believed, Denmark's Mnemic lash out with a sound that is part hardcore, part Meshuggah, part Fear Factory, part egregiously groovy grind madness. Check out this sense-altering debut for a glimpse at the future of metal or

5) BLINDED BY FAITH - 'Burning Rebellion' 4:36; from Under An Occult Sun (Galy)
High concept, high precision melodic black metal is the order of the day with Blinded By Faith. As well, sterling crisp synthesizers battle with a similarly detailed drum barrage, resulting in a symphony of uber-professional sounds worthy of Quebec's unparalleled metal reputation. Contact: or, 514-769-6137 or 5100 De Verdun, POB 28544, Verdun QC, Canada H4G 3L7

6) KRISIUN - 'Murderer' 2:42; from Works Of Carnage (Century Media)
Brazil's now reigning band of the land returns with a vicious assault that makes full and wise use of the band's vast musical knowledge and versatility. Death as cutting edge as the band's daunting reputation. or

7) MY RUIN - 'Made To Measure' 4:44; from The Horror Of Beauty (Century Media)
Tairrie B is back with a lead track that is possibly her most aggressive and catchiest ever, despite her guttural vocal exhortations. Now well into worldwide legend status, Tairrie and her assembled shock rockers have made a record that could very likely mark a North American breakthrough. Very groovy, very metal. or

8) WATCH THEM DIE - 'Sadist Ways' 3:56; from Watch Them Die (Century Media)
Hardcore, grind, punk crossed with death and thrash, recorded at the blazing front edge of the conflagration... that's what's in store when you confront this Oakland CA supergroup. The shows are legendary for their mayhem; come hear it the safe way. or

9) VICTORY - 'Another Notch In The Bedpost' 4:07; from Instinct (SPV)
Back with classic victors like Herman Frank and Charlie Huhn intact, Victory have created a power-packed action-wracked record of hard classic Germanic metal. Tommy Newton and Herman produce this thing and the results are crushing hi-fi metal madness at its finest. or

10) KING DIAMOND - 'Blood To Walk' 5:32; from The Puppet Master (Metal Blade)
The corpse-painted legend of concept is back with his most blood-curdling tale yet, coupled with a band musically charged for maximum old school power prog blackness. Fans are freaking at the sharp, groovy melodies enclosed and touring will be productive indeed. or

11) ADAGIO - 'Chosen' (edit) 5:00; from Underworld (NTS/Wagram)
Perhaps the most extreme, most plush fusion of classical music and soaring power prog written and executed to date, Stephan Forte's Adagio will transfix with awe, the listener of this higher form. A journey through elevated realms that you will not soon forget. or

12) ENCHANT - 'Progtology' 6:46; from Tug Of War (InsideOut Music America)
Enchant continue to create sumptuous, open architecture alloys between prog and melodic rock. They are alone and utterly mesmerizing in this regard and the relaxed, well-wishing vibes of Tug Of War will have listeners seduced and consequently creatively rewarded. or

13) JOOP WOLTERS - 'Sails Of Charon' 4:38; from Beyond Inspiration: A Tribute To Uli Jon Roth (Lion Music)
No question, this is one of the most explosive and imaginative and well-recorded, well-performed tribute albums of the last few years. Featuring an army of top-flight prog and shred virtuosos (most from the esteemed Lion camp), Beyond Inspiration is highly recommended for both the songs and the solos, not to mention the vocal treasures enclosed.

14) DIVINITY - 'Succubes' - Les Fleurs du Mal' 6:29; from Les Fleurs du Mal (Galy)
Quebec continues its reign as fertile territory for shockingly fresh and progressive black metal. Divinity are the bastard child of Voivod and Emperor and the result of the inter-generational splicing is awe-inspiring. French titles, English lyrics. Contact: or or 514-769-6137 or 5100 De Verdun, POB 28544, Verdun QC, Canada H4G 3L7

15) PENUMBRA - 'The Prophetess' 5:01; from Seclusion (Season Of Mist)
With Seclusion, Penumbra have definitely found their way. This is an intricate album composed of many layers and orchestrations, interwoven male and female vocals, and plenty of genre-crossing moments of brilliance. A grand musical experience. or