KnuckleTracks #73

1) HIMSA - 'Rain To The Sound Of Panic' 3:55; from Courting Tragedy And Disaster (Prosthetic)
Seattle metal saviours Himsa, formed in '98, have locked upon a sound that is like a grittier version of Shadows Fall or God Forbid, this band's hardcore attitude blazing through every song, large thanks to the album's scraping production values. Contact: or or

2) MISERY INDEX - 'Retaliate' 3:28; from Retaliate (Nuclear Blast)
Baltimore's Misery Index features members from Dying Fetus, Fear Of God and MOD thrashing their way through a hardcore/death hybrid hardcore buttressed and bolstered by killer production and performances from veterans of the hard grind. The end result is shockingly fast metal almost black in nature, always intense, with gravity-defying drums. or

3) WEHRWOLFE - 'MIA2 Battalion Of Hate' 5:06; from Godless We Stand (Majick/Cleopatra)
Wehrwolfe (three ex-Darkmoon members plus new vocalist) ply a blazing concoction of cutting edge, crushing American death and black metals that is blistering in its shred capabilities, brutally and beautifully recorded, the perfect album to fill the voids left by Nile, Morbid Angel and Deicide. Contact: or or or 3702-P Drybrook Rd., Charlotte NC 28269.

4) FORCE OF EVIL - 'Hell On Earth' 3:27; from Force Of Evil (Diamond)
Featuring Mercyful Fate guitar heroes Michael Denner and Hank Shermann, along with Hal Patino and Bjarne T. Holm (also from the MF/KD family) and Martin Steene from Iron Fire, Force Of Evil is a major supergroup making frightful, old school metal like a rock 'n' roll version of Mercyful Fate. It is raging and real and you should own it. Contact: P.G. Ramms Alle 66, 2000 Copenhagen F, Denmark,, or

5) CLOVEN BLADE - 'Demon Saviour' 4:14; from Cloven Blade (October 32nd)
Eric Coucke (aka Ash Lee Blade) from Tchort, Toronto's most ubiquitous rocker, is back with a breakaway band of soaraway power metal with cheek. Expert playing and encyclopedia knowledge converge on canny, well-crafted songs that celebrate while ever so subtly poke fun at metal warriors. Like the literary side of Strapping Young Lad crossed with King Diamond. Contact: 521 Queen St. W., #201, Toronto ON M5V 2B4 or or

6) SEPULTURA - 'Mindwar' 2:59; from Roorback (Steamhammer/SPV)
Sepultura have returned with a visceral, political, angry album of incredible metal textures. Apocalyptically hardcore at times, irresistibly groovy at others, Roorback is the perfect, amazingly recorded, high ambition album to kick off the band's new label deal. Contact: or or

7) DEAD SOUL TRIBE - 'Feed Part I: Stone By Stone' 5:04; from A Murder Of Crows (Inside Out Music America)
Dead Soul Tribe's form of impassioned progressive metal has just gotten heavier, more aggressive, the band's second album being a crisp, panoramic collection of songs bolstered by large rhythms, logical progressions (and progressive logic), poetry on par with top-notch literature. or

8) RADIATION 4 - 'Tick. Tock. Tick.' 2:50; from Wonderland (Abacus/Century Media)
If you want to see the future of mathcore/hardcore, or at least zesty, flavourful new possibilities built from hybrids you thought unimaginable, then check in right here. Radiation 4 does all that and makes slashing, emotional, twistedly accessible music at the same time. or or

9) PLANET GEMINI - 'Supergod' 6:31; from SuperGod (+) DevilMan (Gemini)
New Bedford's Planet Gemini play a killer, sludgy doom metal that manages to frighten while remaining accessible and formidably crushing. The mystique is awesome, the vocals, distinct, excellent, and innovatively, somewhat distantly, recorded. No one has touched this particular vibe, save for classic-era Cathedral. Contact: Paul Menard (ICO Planet Gemini), 1049 Pleasant St. Apt #1, New Bedford MA 02740-6600 or or

10) THE ILLUMINATI - 'Lemmy Know' 2:43; from The Illuminati (October 32nd)
While Eric went metal, his ex-Tchort-mates went old school power trio rock from the '70s, The Illuminati writing at a high professional level not unlike Spiritual Beggars crossed with Raging Slab. Six tracks and 16 minutes later, you're hooked by this band's quick-witted slam rock, great vocal melodies and versatility. Contact: 521 Queen St. W., #201, Toronto ON M5V 2B4 or or

11) GOAT HORN - 'Rotten Roll' 5:05; from Storming The Gates (October 32nd)
Ontario old schoolers Goat Horn create a glorious oaken metal din somewhere between Nasty Savage, Venom and Deceased. Beware, these guys know their metal and the top-notch songwriting betrays this fact. Storming The Gates is the band's second album and the metal moves are legion. Come witness a perfect, expertly reasoned and deliberate, balance between dirty, underground metal and precision arrangements. Contact: 521 Queen St. W., #201, Toronto ON M5V 2B4 or or or or

12) DAVE BROCKIE EXPERIENCE - 'Damn That Money' 2:13; from Songs For The Wrong (Metal Blade)
DBX is led by none other than Gwar's Dave "Oderus" Brockie, making a right fool of himself in front of a power trio of profane but undeniably humourous punk metal that is as effortless as it is full of surprises. Hot 'n' hollered vocals crossed with powerful production and tight grooves fill out the putrid smiley-time music. Contact or

13) WATCH THEM DIE - 'Torn Pages' 5:39; from Watch Them Die (Century Media)
Hardcore, grind, punk crossed with death and thrash, recorded at the blazing front edge of the conflagration... that's what's in store when you confront this Oakland CA supergroup. The shows are legendary for their mayhem; come hear it the safe way. or

14) KRISIUN - 'Murderer' 2:43; from Works Of Carnage (Century Media)
Brazilian death dealers Krisiun have just raised the bar in terms of grim sonic churning blast. Already legends that have converted many a top band to worshippers, Works Of Carnage should push the band to the top of the heap. or

15) GORGOROTH - 'Procreating Satan' 3:42; from Twilight Of The Idols (Nuclear Blast)
The legendary Gorgoroth stand perched at the apex of the pile of any and all who dare to call old school black metal home. While others have wilted, become more "musical," this corpse-painted collective redouble and intensify. It is utterly enveloping. or

16) VOODOO LORDZ - 'Jeckyl's Hyde' 4:30; from Life's Games (Chemical Kids)
Voodoo Lordz is a Detroit-area power trio whose strength comes within the band's sturdy, traditional, yet not power metal riffs. Very few bands can write with such simple but effective songcraft. Chris Van Wert's guitar tone turns it powerful, infectious and live... quite inspiring. Contact: 44210 Webster, Canton MI 48187 or or or 734-812-8780.

17) ELEPHANT - 'The Black Well' 5:28; from Invasion Of The Purple Elephants (Elephant)
Influenced by all manner of epic metal, North Carolina's Elephant also provide surprises at every turn, not the least of which is a sense of irony, loopiness, and a blistering doom-laden guitar sound. The end result is something vaguely Voivod-ian in its uneasy originality. Contact: 6323 Old St., Nags Head NC 27959, 252-441-2722, or

18) MOONSPELL - 'The Southern Deathstyle' 4:07; from The Antidote (Century Media)
Portugal's Moonspell have built a huge and loyal following that has eagerly watched every captivating, wayward move the band has flawlessly executed. Judging from this track, the forthcoming album should be a breakthrough and a metal godsend. or

CORRECTION: Please note that incorrect contact info for Andrew W. Bordoni (track #13. It figures!) was printed with your KnuckleTracks CD from issue #72. The correct information is: or