KnuckleTracks #45

1) IN FLAMES - 'Cloud Connected' 3:40; from Reroute To Remain (Nuclear Blast)
Creating an intense US buzz with Clay Man, Anders and Co. are back with a masterpiece of catchy, futuristic Swedish death, the band crafting progressively accessible songs that provoke thought and pound the low metal earth. With guitars thick as a brick and an array of versatile vocals, Reroute To Remain is fostering intense discussion.

2) WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - 'The Drowning Years' 4:25; from Of Empires Forlorn (Vast Music/Lachrymose)
After a dozen years forging high quality epic doom metal, While Heaven Wept have created a masterpiece of a track to lead off their fourth release. Now a veritable supergroup, the proof of this band's dominance is in the Dan Swano-level performance and arranging of this mesmerizing track. Contact: Tom Phillips at or or

3) INTO ETERNITY - 'Dead Or Dreaming' 4:17; from Dead Or Dreaming (Century Media)
Easily the next wave past Shadows Fall and God Forbid, Canada's Into Eternity execute thinking, feeling melodic death using a unique array of clean voices over a melodic palette that is rich, deep, brave, unheralded. The recording is equally forgiving, warm and organic. This is the future of metal once The Hives and The White Stripes and The Vines have cooled off and left. or

4) BRAVE - 'I Believe' 4:33; from Searching For The Sun (Dark Symphonies)
THE buzz bands from the post-Gathering contingent of progressive gothic rock, Brave have a metal smash here with the plush, elegant, seductively hooky I believe. Formerly called Arise From Thorns, Brave are formidable music veterans worthy of major label status. See BW&BK #63 for full feature. Contact: POB 1077, Dale City VA 22195 or or

5) MESHUGGAH - 'Rational Gaze' 5:03; from Nothing (Nuclear Blast)
Locked and loaded to be metal's next superstars, Meshuggah recently unleashed their riptide of a new record on the heels of Ozzfest dates, with a second tour supporting Tool planned for October. Nothing is signature Meshuggah but lower and a bit slower, the band making use of eight-string guitars for an attack that is an amazing gut-level assault on the senses.

6) RECKON WITH ONE - 'Believe In Silence' 5:05; from The Purpose Of Existence (Reficul)
A mesmerizing alloy of progressive, doom and the superstar tendencies of mid-paced Metallica, Reckon With One are a genre unto themselves. A near genius mix of innovative riffs, pounding percussion rhythms and vocals with shade and hue rarely witnessed in metal. Contact: 209 Archdeckin Dr., Brampton ON L6V 1Y8 or, 905-453-2354 or

7) AESMA DAEVA - 'Lysander' 6:34; from The Eros Of Frigid Beauty (Root Of All Evil)
Ornate, operatic, female vocal progressive Goth with tight, visceral riffs that occasionally approach power metal, The Eros Of Frigid Beauty is a fantastic labyrinth of dark sounds, masterminded by internationally acclaimed composer/musician John Prassass. Destined to vault to the top of this tough field. Contact or

8) LACUNA COIL - 'Swamped' 4:00; from Comalies (Century Media)
Quietly and deliberately becoming one of the most provocative, creative forces within twin-lead Goth circles, Italy's Lacuna Coil have turned in a metallic, melodic feast that is as sumptuous as it is high quality. Produced by Waldemar Sorychta at Woodhouse for sterling fidelity. or

9) BROKE - 'Natural Born Hooker' 4:01; from A Clear Perspective Of Nothing (Rotten)
St. Louis is harrowing home to this frightening blast of decrepit, degenerate hardcore metal slam slamfest, Broke writing poetry for the putrid, set to pounding grooves that mesmerizingly, arrestingly recall a sort of acid-etched spookycore crossed with a ferocious, flamethrown take on Biohazard. Contact: or or

10) THE KOVENANT - 'The Chasm' 4:22; from In Times Before Light (Hammerheart)
If ever there was an elusive black metal gem, then this is it, provocative, celebrated futuro-black band The Kovenant re-releasing their highly rare early recordings, remixed, new art, fascinatingly visionary, ornate and deliciously evil. Come here where the roots of this supergroup so gallantly recline. or

11) LIMBONIC ART - 'Interstellar Overdrive' 5:40; from The Ultimate Death Worship (Hammerheart)
Clawing their way to the top of the black metal heap, Limbonic Art are now widely considered one of the last pure, blasting, blood-thirsty collective from the second wave of pure malevolence left standing. No question, The Ultimate Death Worship is just that, a severe blight on extreme music, yet played with frightening skill and dexterity. or

12) STAHLHAMMER - 'Eisenherz'; 4:27; from the album Eisenherz (Metalhertz/DEP)
Stahlhammer returns with full force on this catchy, melodic, yet aggressive first single. Combining massive riffs with raw new sounds, Eisenherz captures the unique sound of Stahlhammer. Contact: or

13) RIOT - 'Lost Inside This World' 4:43; from Through The Storm (Metal Blade)
Mark Reale and consummate vocalist Mike DiMeo are back with the eagerly anticipated new album from one of metal's legendary acts, Riot! The sound is a mix of the classic and recent Riot sounds, no rules, no holds barred, organic, timeless. Look for the band's raucous cover of UFO's 'Only You Can Rock Me'.

14) DAYLIGHT DIES - 'I Wait' 6:48; from No Reply (Relapse)
Daylight Dies is a new band with an irresistible and potent sound fusing traditional metal, doom, Goth and Swedish death tones with fairly death-like vocals. The production is crunching and the lyrics are of a most depressive, dream-like nature. Passionate, grinding, melodic and mournful, this has a certain something that could make these guys Metallica-slaying superstars. Contact: or or

15) AGALLOCH - 'I Am The Wooden Doors' 6:11; from The Mantle (The End)
A powerhouse of creativity that transcends everything you've been told about music, Agalloch are progressive, morbid, beautiful, highly cognizant of craft and breathtakingly original. Essentially progressive rock punctuated by torrents of well-placed power chords and surprisingly appropriate death-like whispers, this is quite simply, a masterpiece. Contact: 556 S. Fair Oaks Ave., #101-111, Pasadena, CA 91105 or fax: 626-403-2848 or or