KnuckleTracks #43

1) DIO - 'Killing The Dragon' 4:24; from Killing The Dragon (Spitfire)
Ronnie is a legend and Killing The Dragon is the man at his classic best, the record exuding the chemistry found on Holy Diver and The Last In Line, Ronnie once again teaming up with writer and bassist Jimmy Bain to unleash the timeless metal of eons.

2) HELLOWEEN - 'The Departed (Sun Is Going Down)' 4:36; from The Dark Ride (Nuclear Blast)
Finally, one of the most hotly debated metal releases of 2000 sees proper North American issue, and power metal gets shaken to its core. Helloween are the founding fathers of the modern scene, and The Dark Ride is their most venomous, sinister record to date. or or

3) FORSAKEN - 'Embedded Insanity' 4:22; from Arts Of Desolation (Century Media)
Leading, along with Soilwork and The Crown, the second wave of sterling silver Swedish death, The Forsaken are a blistering, technical yet accessible blast of cold hard steel. Debut Manifest Of Hate established the band's front-running status, but Arts Of Desolation is a furious, astonishing follow-up that will have headbangers talking for years. or

4) RAGE - 'Insanity' 4:21; from Unity (Steamhammer/SPV)
German intellectual thrash legends Rage have always found a way to provioke thought while delivering complex yet insanely catchy material. It is a potent combination that flourishes on Unity, the band's return to true triumphant metal. Peavy is now assured legendary status, as if there was ever any doubt.

5) FREEDOM CALL - 'Flying High' 4:08; from Eternity (Steamhammer/SPV)
Making huge waves in the European metal scene is Freedom Call, who have established a reputation with their meticulous, fast, note-dense form of unapologetic power metal. With a Gamma Ray-like presentation, Eternity also impresses with flourishes of multi-hued keyboards. A pageant of power.

6) RESISTANCE - 'Falling Over' 5:11; from Resistance (Resistance)
Like a progressive mid-years Metallica, Resistance deliver the massive riffs, deep grooves and complex melodies that will serve them well at the harder, chunkier end of the prog metal spectrum. Escape like Rush but then get smacked by a ton of power chords. Contact or or 626-201-3020 or 256 S. Rodeo Rd., Glendora CA 91741

7) MANOWAR - 'House Of Death' 4:22; from Warriors Of The World (Metal Blade)
The long-reigning Kings Of Metal are back with their first album in six years and the sword has been raised upon high. Warriors Of The World is perhaps the most powerful sounding Manowar slab to date, even with some astonishing soundtrack-like moments, including a showstopping opera track. Blazing, but with sophistication. or

8) DANZIG - 'Kiss The Skull' 4:10; from 777: I Luciferi (Spitfire)
Wicked, toungue-in-cheek, and already setting heads afire, Danzig's 777: I Luciferi is a dark but sensuous metal ride blessed with killer production tones and the consummate pipes of metal's own man in black.

9) BLACK LABEL SOCIETY - 'Demise Of Sanity' 3:23; from 1919 Eternal (Spitfire)
Soon to be out on Ozzfest pounding false metal weaklings into shameful dust, Zakk will be doing double heavy duty, fueling the slamming but dark 1919 Eternal and Ozzy's Down To Earth night after night. Come witness why Black Label has been the crushing wake-up call at past Ozzfest touchdowns.

10) KOTIPELTO - 'Travel Through Time' 3:57; from Waiting For The Dawn (Century Media)
Stratovarius singer Timo Kotipelto astonishes the vast fanbase with a record that surely will please the army, Waiting For Dawn using a prestigious phalanx of players to bring to fruition a mid-paced, shimmery sound similar to Stratovarius' best-loved anthems. or

11) ENTWINE - 'The Pit' 3:42; from Time Of Despair (Century Media)
With an arresting suicide rock sound that recalls an industrialized Sentence, Entwine have hit all all hi-fidelity cylinders, layering their attack with a mountain of muscular riffs and mesmerizing moods. And rhythmically, this is monstrous. or or

12) NO RETURN - 'Machinery' 4:08; from Machinery (Nuclear Blast)
French thrash legends No Return have been creating some of the smartest, tightest, most technically adept traditional thrash for 13 years, and Machinery should thrill the fanbase. The album is conceptual but powerful and quick and extremely song-based. Top-flight metal through and through. or or

13) TRAUMOR - 'Mind Of War' 5:15; from Fearscapes (Traumor)
Provocative, surprising, crushing along a spectrum of... fearscapes, Traumor is a band that is changing metal, redefining the avant garde with long passages of eerie introspection broken by riffs that are fresh and lethal. Lyrics are intellectual, odd and ultimately first rate, topping off a project that you will never forget. Contact or or POB 2209, Lewiston, ME 04241.

14) ORIGIN - 'Portal' 3:17; from Informis Infinitas Inhumanitas (Relapse)
Possibly the heaviest Corecore album ever conceived and more importantly skull-fryingly executed, Origin's latest has critics and rabid legions thus far drained of blood and stripped of bone. A percussive and shockingly technical sledge of overwhelming brutallica. or or

15) SOURCE OF TIDE - 'Enslaved by Principles' 5:53; from Blueprints (Candlelight USA)
At the front edge of creative extremity, black metal goth mavens Source Of Tide have crafted a symphony of sinful sounds from an array of influences. But at the heart is the band's devilish darkness, this supergroup beginning at a horrific and arcane black base and then branching to futuristic worlds from that frosty home. Contact or for more info.

16) MIDGARD - 'Failure Of Utopia' 3:55; from Within The Darkness (Midgard/Godless American)
Intoxicating, dreamy, warmly recorded melodic death that rumbles to the strains of both clean and evil low gutturals, Midgard have created a mesmerizing hybrid of foreboding metal styles. Perhaps old Anathema comes to mind., yet this is catchy like Into Eternity and Shadows Fall. Whatever it is, it's pure extreme seduction. Contact POB 460982, Denver CO 80246 or or

17) CANDIRIA - 'Bring The Pain/Multiple Incisions' 4:57; from The Coma Imprint (Lakeshore/Navarre)
The very apex of buzz bands over the last 24 months, Candiria have been touted as the front-edge, new proposition for metal, this band of fearless explorers combining jazz, hip-hop and crushing extreme grind in ways previously never even imagined. Their catologue is peerless, studded with effusive reviews and now a major label release will assure Candiria's legendary status. or