KnuckleTracks #36

Just a note of thanks for all the emails and snail mails from you Knuckleheads out there enjoying these KnuckleTracks samplers. It's a ton of work and we're glad bands have gotten exposure from the thing and than fans are telling us they are getting a goodly wide education about all the types of metal out there major, medium, minor and indie. Keep the love coming and remember to enjoy this month's monster mash on All Hallow's Eve.

1) ENTOMBED - 'Young Man Nihilist' 2:46; from Morning Star (Koch)
Time to be metal amazed, my friends, because Sweden's favourite grizzled veterans are back with an onslaught that is sure to figure high up the year's Best Of lists. With a thicker, more blood-thirsty sound than ever, Entombed rock the metal boat like crazy. Hail!

2) CROWBAR - 'The Lasting Dose' 4:12; from Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form (Spitfire)
The reigning lords of tattooed and beefy yet intelligent and anguished sludge metal return with what is their most riff-drenched slab yet. Quite simply, this is probably the band's third amazing, varied and metallically interesting album in a row. A boiling, roiling display of veteran metal magic.

3) GOAT HORN - 'Eternal Quest For Eternal Happiness' 5:45; from Voyage To Nowhere (Goat Horn)
Booze and doom, doom and booze. These are the four corners of Goat Horn's four-point pentagram (get the CD, you'll see). Big fuzzy guitar tones and more hungover danger than you will ever encounter with a mere stoner rock act await those who quaff this loveable keg-ful of pounding metal madness. Contact: POB 5115, Pembroke ON K8A 6W4 or (613) 735-1345 or or

4) SIX FEET UNDER - 'The Murderers' 2:40; from True Carnage (Metal Blade)
Chris Barnes and his headbanging miscreants have become the most beloved of blood-caked death dealers. And the reason is simple: they find a way to transform extreme ingredients into songs that swirl like mantras, Six Feet Under cutting it dry but somehow just slightly accessible, which is why they are tied with Cannibal Corpse and perhaps Morbid Angel as the biggest death metal machines on the planet.

5) ALICE COOPER - 'Triggerman' 3:59; from Dragontown (Spitfire)
The undisputed king of shock rock returns with the follow-up to his critically acclaimed Brutal Planet opus and Alice is still in a mood to point fingers. Look for the more of the man's societal observations set to cutting edge metal set for the stages of the world on which Alice rules the roost.

6) KING'S X - 'Believe' 4:46; from Manic Moonlight (Metal Blade)
Always provoking, striking out and growing, King's X have hatched their most enigmatic album yet, distinguished by the fact that Doug sings every song, and that there are subtle electronic textures woven throughout. But have no fear: Ty's battles between melody and dissonance are displayed gloriously, and the songs, well... King's X have always been the undisputed leaders in that department.

7) ANATHEMA - 'Underworld' 4:10; from A Fine Day To Exit (Koch)
A masterpiece of acoustic death proportions, A Fine Day To Exit takes these pensive, expressive Englishmen further into lush, progressive terrain. The caress is delicate, but given the band's unquestionable doom origins, the resulting depression is blunt and pervading.

8) TRISTANIA - 'Tender Trip On Earth' 5:18; from World Of Glass (Napalm)
Quite possibly the most revered goth metal band on the planet, Norway's Tristania manage to sidestep all the clichés, taking the genre into a futuristic realm glazed with electronics, symphonics and a crunchy, edgy black metal vibe. And through all this, the most memorable of gothic predispositions remain, fronted by the operatics of Vibeke Stene, the best and the brightest the for has to offer. Contact or

9) DEATH - 'Scavenger Of Human Sorrow' 3:50; from Live In L.A. (Death & Raw) (Nuclear Blast)
The visionary mastery of Chuck Schuldiner and Death in helping create this current fertile wave of progressive thrash-based death cannot be denied. Live In L.A. puts this legacy on display, Chuck and his band combining gravity-defying chops with brutality and songful intelligence like no other band. And for a live album, the fidelity is emphatically there as well.

10) GODGORY - 'Farewell' 3:35; from Way Beyond (Nuclear Blast)
Way Beyond continues Godgory's stellar track record for delivering gothic emotions within a much welcome framework of true bottom end-heavy metal. Combining guitars that heave like Entombed and lush but measured keyboard and acoustic melody lines, Godgory's mix is perfect for this autmn's inevitable chill of depression.

11) MOONSPELL - 'Nocturna' 3:52; from Darkness And Hope (Century Media)
Moonspell have created what is perhaps their most melodically and dramatic album yet, Darkness And Hope containing Fernando's usual literary magic along with dynamics, heft, mood swings and hi-fidelity that pushes this band into the upper echelons of dark gothic metal. The catalogue continues to both evolve and provoke.

12) SCAR CULTURE - 'Sever All Ties' 3:25; from Inscribe (Century Media)
This sonic onslaught from New York might be the only thing that can satisfy those rabid for a new Strapping Young Lad record, or perhaps those that think the Slipknot album isn't as heavy as they hoped. Scar Culture are an insanely vicious death machine with an industrial edge, creating a wall of sound that so impressed Billy Milano, he produced the album and helped get the band signed to Century Media.

13) DECADAWN - 'Dust In Veins' 4:59; from Demo 2001 (Unsigned)
Being one of Montreal's most promising bands along with Adenine, Decadawn can be categorized toward the melodic side of death metal. The band was formed in early 2001and features Adenine's Mathieu Groulx on drums. You can listen to all their songs at: Contact or Louis-Charles Tardy, 6530 Saindon, Laval, PQ, Canada H7H 1H1 or (450)-622-3924.

14) HOWLING SYN - 'Black Moon' 4:15; from Forbearers Of Dusk (Howling Syn)
This highly creative Montreal three-piece (with female vocals) mixes gothic metal and gothic new wave with the thorniest of progressive riffs. Multi-part and multi-hued, the band has released five demos and has had a lucrative run of it on Come hear the band that France's Metallian has called "the new hope in power metal for Canada." Contact: 8806 Hochelaga St., Apt 12, Montreal PQ H1L 2M9 or or

15) ADENINE - 'Hybrid' 3:43; from Govern The Unaligned (Neoblast)
Quebec has always been a fertile breeding ground for progressive death metal, but Adenine are the young buzz band with the greatest ability to break big in he underground. The band's intense bridging of traditional death with Swedish melodies is taken a step above through the extreme mathcore vocals of Martin Quintal. A blistering but intelligent onslaught. Contact: or or or 450-663-5478.

16) CORPORATE AVENGER - 'Fault The Police (I Don't)' 3:48; from Freedom Is A State Of Mind (Koch)
Controversial and bludgeoning with both word and riff, Corporate Avenger is out to shake up the world of hard-ass rap rock like no tactical unit since the Beastie Boys. Righting wrongs is their sloganeering credo, and shaking your groove is the benefit residual.

17) GHOULUNATICS - 'Pernicious Sentence' 2:51; from King Of The Undead (Ghoulunatics)
Forget The Misfits, Necrophagia or The Deceased, Montreal's The Ghoulunatics are in possession of the scariest, heaviest "horror metal" sound in the clown house. Slashing riffs and slasher vocals, The Ghoulunatics run the gamut of every 'core you can name, coming out uniquely vicious and voracious. Contact POB 47574, Montreal PQ H2H 2S8 or 514-577-8355 or

18) DEVILS TOWER - 'Genocide' 3:26; from Rhythm Brutality (Devils Tower)
Vancouver-based Devils Tower may fuel thoughts from the dark side but their focus is more about aggressive retaliation rather than the devil's work. Full-on metalheads, the band enforce a twin-axe attack with a punishing rhythm section backbone. Fans of old school power with deep melodies aplenty take notice. These lads are quite serious in their mission of metal. Contact: or