DENIM AND LEATHER - James Rivera Brought Us All Together, Again, In Philly!

The Eastern branch of his DENIM AND LEATHER franchise (the HELSTAR singer also has contingents in Las Vegas and Europe) saw James " The Mexican Dio" Rivera visit the legendary Dobbs on South Street. Since the 60s (about the time Rivera started singing!) the club has hosted a who's who of rock royalty, in all its various incarnations, on it's asymmetrical trapezoid stage, completed with brick pillar obstruction. A sense of deja vu, as this traditional metal tribute act visited the City Of Brotherly Love in March, along with the female-fronted MINDMAZE (with Mike LePond, SYMPHONY X, guesting on bass), once again serving as support.

Posted on Monday, October 14, 2013 at 12:54:50

Photographer : Mark Gromen