Rock And Roll Heaven - Old Bridge Metal Militia Reunion Concert

We might be old, but the ineptitude of the (underage?) bar staff only prolonged the inevitable, running out of "full strength" beer, before midnight (when headliner ANVIL took the stage). Regardless, didn't diminish the gale forces onstage.. beginning with THE RODS, then RAVEN, followed by TWISTED SISTER (well before witching hour, for the rapidly aging fanbase), with ANVIL headlining at the Encore Event Center in Freehold, New Jersey. TT QUICK (featuring current ACCEPT frontman Mark Tornillo) played to the stragglers, before an all-star jam. There are enough vintage acts that the OBMM supported, early on, that this kind of mini-fest could continue for years to come. Hopefully!

Posted on Sunday, May 12, 2013 at 15:49:17

Photographer : By Mark Gromen