PRIMORDIAL / WHILE HEAVEN WEPT - Primordial's Prog-Power Preview: While Philly Wept

Mystic Irish outfit PRIMORDIAL used the week prior to their ProgPower USA debut as a warm-up, stopping at Philadelphia's equally quixotic Kung Fu Necktie, along with the atmospheric WHILE HEAVEN WEPT (veterans of the Atlanta, GA based multi-day festival themselves). A better crowd than expected, indulged in the dichotomy of cheap, old-school, rot-gut beers (like the "Shelf Of Shame" for $2 Hamms, Schaefer, Rolling Rock and Genesee), while 10% Tripel Bock Sam Adams or River Horse was $7 a pint. FYI, local fave Piels was just $3 a can and later in the night (11pm to 2am) "Natty Bo" (aka National Bohemian) was $3 for two cans! Rock on...

Musically, it was an equally intoxicating evening! The Heavens, barely fit on the minuscule corner stage, vocalist Rain Irving, beginning his night by standing in the crowd, prior to taking the stage! While the crowds have varied between "nothing" and a couple hundred, the setlists have also changes, although the Irishmen have been working out, amongst others, the opening 'No Grave Deep Enough', 'Gods To The Godless'. 'As Rome Burns', 'Bloodied Yet Unbowed' and The Coffins Ships' on a regular basis.

Posted on Wednesday, September 12, 2012 at 09:21:41

Photographer : Mark Gromen