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BravePicks 2012: The 12 Days Of Metal


Posted on Friday, January 04, 2013 at 09:00:43

Well, happy new year! We are finally here … the #1 Brave Pick of 2012. Yeah, you probably knew all along! This was a no-brainer! Crank this fucker and ring in the new year with some good 'ol Bay Area thrash! All the best to you in 2013 from BraveWords!

2012 … The 12 Days Of Metal

1) TESTAMENT – Dark Roots Of Earth (Nuclear Blast)

The four-year wait for new TESTAMENT material - the last being 2008’s The Formation Of Damnation - came to an end in August with the release of the brilliant new album, Dark Roots Of Earth. The first track leaked was called ‘True American Hate’ and it set the tone for the entire album.

Singer Chuck Billy told BraveWords' Aaron Small: “That one was basically right after 9/11. On the news I was seeing parents – fathers with their children on the streets, waving guns and burning American flags. That image burned in my mind; how can an adult teach their young kids so much hate? How is that child going to be at a later age? When you’re that young, you’re pretty influenced. I know that because my father was a huge Oakland Raiders fan, and was a huge San Francisco 49er hater. So we were raised as love Raiders, hate 49ers. So I had that influence all my life growing up. Now that I’m an adult, I still don’t like the 49ers; but probably because of that reason. It made me think of that same kind of influence – they’re out there teaching their kids by burning flags. What’s that generation going to be like in 15 or 20 years when they’re adults? Who knows, maybe they’ll be in power? A major world war, I don’t know? But it made me think, how can someone teach such young minds such hatred?”

Read our entire interview here.

2012 … The 12 Days Of Metal

12) DYING FETUS – Reign Supreme (Relapse Records)
11) SLASH – Apocalyptic Love (Dik Hayd)
10) RUSH – Clockwork Angels (Anthem)
9) THE CULT – Choice Of Weapon (Cooking Vinyl)
8) ANAAL NATHRAKH - Vanitas (Candlelight)
7) KREATOR - Phantom Antichrist (Nuclear Blast)
6) OVERKILL - The Electric Age (eOne)
5) CANNIBAL CORPSE – Torture (Metal Blade)
4) KISS – Monster (Ume)
3) ACCEPT - Stalingrad (Nuclear Blast)
2) VAN HALEN – A Different Kind Of Truth (Interscope)
1) TESTAMENT – Dark Roots Of Earth (Nuclear Blast)