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‘Disfigured Colossus’
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'Erased By The Dark'
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'The Heart (Save Me)'
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The BW&BK Family

Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles Magazine (BW&BK) was founded in March 1994 by "Metal" Tim Henderson. The goal of the magazine was to fulfill an insatiable need to spread metal news. The early layouts of the magazine were inspired by the quick-cut style of Kerrang! and Burrn! magazines. The first issue of BW&BK was spawned when local publisher Martin Popoff brought his expertise into the picture. Popoff (now author of ten books on heavy metal and the magazines Editor In Chief) co-owned The Perfect Page, the company that eventually laid out and published the first issue of Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles in March, 1994 - The Perfect Page, having since been sold by Martin, still prints the magazine. 200 copies of issue No. 1 were printed and sold at the HMV Superstore for $1.99. The issue sold out in a month and presently fetches nearly $100 US on eBay. Over the next three years the BW&BK team gelled as they gradually created a stable of writers from around the globe. The magazine was often bagged and stuffed with metallic goodies such as cassette and CD samplers, stickers, posters and pins. The first colour/gloss issue of BW&BK was #22, for Feb/March 1998, and with the following issue, the name (somewhat) went the way of the acronym, BW&BK.

BW&BK soon became HMV's top selling magazine across the chain - the HMV Superstore in Toronto alone has moved over 30,000 copies of BW&BK. In 1998 BW&BK started feeding its news to online partner (based in Dallas), after which we soon were called the "CNN of Metal News." was born in June 2000 and contained different content than the magazine. Presently, is considered the "Top metal magazine site in the world" and the premier site for metal news online.

BW&BK magazine can now be found in over 30 countries across the globe. Over 50 consecutive issues have featured the famous Knuckletracks CD/Video sampler that is stuffed in the plastic bagged magazine. The BW&BK family employs nearly 20 full-time and part-time staff around the globe including the U.S., Germany, Japan, Australia, South America and the UK.

The magazine's writers are some of the world's most distinguished in the field, extending their reach into at least a dozen other publications. In addition, staffers are known for their regular record company bio, liner note, ad quote and guest TV slot duties around the globe.

More recently, BW&BK has added tour promotions to their resume with the annual BW&BK 6-Pack Weekend that is held in Cleveland, Ohio and features talent from around the world. This far, it is unparalleled in fan and media praise for flawless organization, friendly atmosphere and magic metal moments.

The scope of BW&BK's empire of metal publishing, retail, radio (through the pioneering, long-running, internet and concert promotion is unmatched and is a tried and true Canadian-bred musical success story.

BW&BK is...

  • The BW&BK family is one of the only companies in the universe that combines the worlds of publishing, internet, radio, retail and concert promotion

  • has been dubbed "the CNN of Metal news" by music industry insiders

  • BW&BK Magazine's sell-through is over 50% and is currently available in over 30 countries

  • is your home for 24/7 Audio Assault Metal Radio and features nine different internet radio stations

  • BW&BK, closing in on 11 years of publishing excellence and famous for its full-length sampler CD, is Canada's longest running, most respected metal magazine